• Jeannine Jannot, Ph.D.

Eyes Up America!

Like millions of Americans yesterday, I watched the moon eclipse the sun with great anticipation. Viewing it in the Atlanta area, I saw a 97% eclipse and experienced an eerie dusk, a brief cooling and a surge of insect bites in those few special moments. It wasn't the awe-inducing experience of the totality (as described by my son), but pretty special none-the-less.

As I walked my dogs this morning it occurred to me that there was something more to yesterday than just a solar eclipse. It was a cosmic event that seemed to unite our country as a collective one in its appreciation and enthusiasm for something. I was moved by the many photos of joyous faces lifted up in curiosity and fascination.

I believe there's something to be gained by looking up with intention and noticing what is special, beautiful or interesting. I plan to challenge myself to do this everyday for the next 30 days and share what I see with others. You're invited to join me and pass along the wonders of up.

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